About Meteor®

René Junker Povlsen

The history

Meteor® was established by Ole Povlsen in 1981 and has been supplying fireplace inserts to many homes ever since.

The fireplace inserts are constructed according to the best principles, which means optimal convection and heat release.

Today, the company is a family business, where René Junker Povlsen is the prime mover. Family values, such as high quality and timeless design, have always been important factors for Ole and René Junker Povlsen. These values and traditions are still present in the company.

Today, Meteor® employs more than 30 employees in the production of fireplace inserts, and today the company produces more than half of all fireplace inserts sold in Denmark.

In recent years, the company has been named a 'Gazelle company' several times by Børsen. 


Our vision is to create fireplace inserts that unite efficiency with quality and a contemporary design, always with the environment in focus. At Meteor®, we want to lead a product range in a timeless and classic design that meets customer needs and requirements for both quality and design.

Meteor® and the environment

Meteor® is amember of DAPO – the association of suppliers of fireplace inserts and wood stoves in Denmark.

At Meteor® we test all our fireplace inserts and wood stoves. The test was carried out by the Danish Technological Institute. The fireplace inserts are all CE approved with avery positive result.

Meteor and the environment