Meteor® and the environment

At Meteor® we test all our fireplace inserts and wood stoves. The test was carried out by the Danish Technological Institute. The fireplace inserts are all CE approved with avery positive result.

In all test areas, Meteor's fireplaces are significantly below the permitted limit, and therefore ensure a good combustion. See test results and comparison for Meteor's Jupiter 470 XL model.

Meteor Jupiter 470 XL resultater

Partikelemission efter NS 3058:

3,28g/kg (tørstof) middelværdi (maks. 10)

Partikelemission efter NS 3058:

4,05g/kg (tørstof) maksimalt (maks. 20)

Støvemission efter DIN plus:

15mg/Nm3 ved 13% O2 (maks. 40)

According to DCE – National Center for the Environment and Energy – wood-burning stoves specifically contribute 6 - 10% of the particles in the air if measured in a residential area with many wood-burning stoves.

"Over the past 11 years, Danish stoves have reduced the emission of particles by 60% and as much as 20% over the past 3 years alone."

Ecodesign 2022

All Meteor fireplace inserts and woodstoves as well as Svendsen wood stoves live up to the requirements for ECODESIGN 2022.

You are therefore guaranteed a quality woodburning stove with a strong focus on the environment, a clean and a good combustion.

Test results and approvals